The Siblings Trouble Review


Designers: Andy Ashcraft, Eduardo Baraf, Kim Robinson

Publisher: Pencil First Games, LLC

On BoardGameGeek

Alright lets jump Into The Cardboard: The Siblings Trouble is a story driven game.   Let’s take a quick look at this game.



As stated above this game is very story based, however not in the normal sense.  This game has no actual story in the game, it has elements to tell a story.  First thing you do when you decide to play this game, is choose your character. There are 4 siblings from which your able to chose, each character can be male for female, which is rare but great. Then you decide where you want to go such as the “Hillside Caves,” then you randomly choose the rest of the cards for the deck.  You add a certain amount of “Path Cards,” a “Big Secret Card,” and finally a “Boss Card” related to the specific location.

The game is very straight forward, you have to go through the adventure to defeat what ever the boss is.  However the cards only provide a small piece of information, the rest is up to you.  You are provided an obstacle and you by telling a piece of the whole story, you explain how yo came upon the issue, and how you resolve it. You roll the dice for your specific character which will tell you what you are able to do or anything special for this turn.  If necessary you are able to ask for assistance from your siblings (other players). You proceed like this through the deck, until you hit the boss.  Here will most likely require you and all your siblings to work together to defeat the issue.

This game was provided by Pencil First Games for review purposes.

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