Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age Review


Designers: Matt Leacock

Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games

On BoardGameGeek

Alright lets jump Into The Cardboard:  Roll Through the Ages, is a push your luck dice rolling game, where you are build a civilization.     Let’s take a quick look at this game.


You roll a number of nice depending on the amount of cities you currently have built.  These dice have several sides, food, people, curses, spears.  You keep track of these resources on your player board. Once you have these resources you use these to build cities, or monuments, which are used to score points.  Finally these resources are for developments, which are special abilities, as well as end game points.

The monuments, cities and developments are tracked on a score pad which each player users.  The game ends when there are a certain number of moments, or developments have been built.   At this time you add up all the points from the moments, and developments.  Highest score wins.

There is a print and play expansion for this game.  The only thing needed is to print out the updated score pad.  Roll Through the Ages: Late Bronze Age

This game is a great civilization building game.  It is quick and is able to be played solo, you just attempt to get the best score possible.  The base game is very simple to play, however the expansion adds more complexity, length, as well as player interaction.   Another great game from Eagle Gryphon Games.


This game was provide by Eagle Gryphon for review purposes.

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