Hunting Sasquatch Preview


Designers: Jeff Arbough, Sina Hirsch, Michael Knight

Publisher: Spyglass Games

On BoardGameGeek


2-5 Players

Alright lets jump Into The Cardboard: Hunting Sasquatch, is a game where you are hunters from all of the world searching for the one and only Sasquatch.  Its a fun quick game, which takes about 30-45 minutes.


First off I want to say that this is a prototype review copy. These pieces are not final everything is subject to change, check the Kickstarter page for a better idea of what the final items will look like:

  • Rulebook
  • 8 Hunter Dice
  • 1 Fate Die
  • 54 Location Cards
  • 72 Hunter Cards
  • 30 Evidence Tokens
    • 5 Broken Window
    • 5 Droppings
    • 5 Fuzzy Photo
    • 5 Tuft of Hair
    • 5 Noise Recording
    • 5 Plaster Footprint
  • 5 Wildcard Tokens
  • 10 Horseshoe Tokens
  • 60 Anti-Tokens
    • 10 Anti-Bigfoot Token
    • 10 Anti-Skull Token
    • 10 Anti-Book Token
    • 10 Anti-Spyglass Token
    • 10 Anti-Gun Token
    • 10 Anti-Camera Token


Component Images



On a players a turn they will take several actions. The first you will do is decide where you want to search for evidence, this could be one of the location that are on display, or the top one from the face-down draw deck.

The next thing you will need to do is look at the bottom of the card and see what color the ‘Doomed Hunter’ square is, is this matches the color of your hunter they die.  They do not then you will continue to the next step which is rolling the hunter dice.  There are 8 of these but you do not need to roll all of them.

Once the dice are rolled you will remove any of them that match your anti-tokens.  You will then fill out the Death Conditions (left side of location card).  If you have not filled out all of these then you don’t die and are able to continue.  You will then try filling out the Victory Conditions (right side of location card).

If you have not completed either of these conditions you are able to try one more roll, by tempting fate.  You take the fate die and roll it.  If you get the horse shoe, luck is on your side, and you get to roll all the remaining dice.  Following same steps as the first roll.    However if you roll the trap, you fail and take all anti-tokens in the Trap Box, or anything else listed here.

If you fill out the Death Condition Box, you die and have to draw a new hunter from the deck.  The game ends when a certain number of hunters have died.  If you fill out the Victory Condition Box, you take both the card and all items listed in the Reward Box.

Once the number of discarded hunters has been reached the game ends.  The scoring phase begins.  You will add up all the victory points listed on the location cards that have been taken, most points wins. However in the event of a tie the person with the most evidence wins the tie.


Final Thoughts

As described earlier its a simple roll and match.  I have to say it is pretty fun for being such a simple game.  The art is unique and kid friendly. My two kids loved the game, as it was simple to catch onto.

The box states about 30 minutes of game time, and that was pretty accurate when we played a 4 player game.  However when I played a 3 player game it was closer to 45 minutes. I wasn’t able to play a 2 or 5 player game so I’m not sure how the length of those compared.

The only fault I am able to come up with,  is the anti-tokens.  They are a very important part of the game, but they can be annoying if you fail and get the trap several times in a row.  It can be hard to come back from this.  On your turn you may choose to roll all 8 dice, but after sorting the anti-tokens, you my only have 2-3 dice to actually use.  But this, on the plus side, can clear out the tokens if your lucky.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I’m not a fan of these tokens, they do have there place and are useful to win.  You can try to select a location with the anti-tokens, listed in the Death Conditions, this will prevent you from dying.  So there is some strategy, that can keep adults interested in this game.

Another thing, the cards which have art in this prototype are very appealing, so I’m looking forward to seeing some of the other hunters and locations in the final product.

This game is the type of game you can take to family gathering and play with everybody even those who don’t normally play games.  The theme alone will draw players to the table.


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