Dracula’s Feast Preview

Designers: Peter C. Hayward (BGG)

Publisher: Jellybean Games (BGG)

On BoardGameGeek


4-8 Players

Alright lets jump Into The Cardboard:  Dracula’s Feast is a hidden roll game, in the same box.pngvein as One Night Werewolf. Where you have a hidden role, and you’re trying to fish out who the other players are.  However this does some things slightly different which keeps it fresh.


First off I want to say that this is a prototype review copy. There may be different

characters in the final game than those I have listed below or are in the images. These pieces are not final everything is subject to change, check the Kickstarter page for a better idea of what the final items will look like. That being said, I love the art as it is kid friendly, and unique.

  • 9 guest cards (Alucard, Beelzebub, Boogie Monster, Doctor Jekyll, Dracula, Trickster, Van Helsing, Werewolf, Zombie)
  • 9 accusation cards (Same characters as listed above)
  • 8 reference cards
  • 10 YES cards
  • 10 NO cards
  • 7 dance tokens in each of eight colors
  • Rulebook



The story of the game is Dracula is having a dinner masquerade party at his Manor and he has invited the entire town. However several other monsters have decided they want to get party with everybody else.  The goal is to find out who these other monsters are.

This game is very simple but fun game. The object of the game is to figure out who the other guests to the party are.

You setup the game by setting aside the Dracula guest card and then shuffling the rest.  You deal cards equal to the number of players, so you should have a total of players + 1 (including Dracula).  Now select the accusation cards that match the selected guest cards.  You then shuffle the guest cards and deal one face down to each player and place the final one into the middle as the Mystery Guest.  You then pass out a Yes and No card to each person.  Finally you will need to take a set of dance tokens, the color doesn’t matter.

Turn Sequence:

On your turn you are able to select one of 4 actions:

  • Question
    • Choose another player and ask them publicly if they are a specific guest.  They will select the yes/no card matching the answer (You must always tell the truth with a few exceptions for specific characters) and pass it to you secretly.  Look at the card and hand it back to them.
  • Dance
    • Select another player and ask them to dance.  They are able to accept the offer or decline their choice.  If they accept you will secretly pass each other your character cards.  If this is the first time you danced with that person you exchange one of your dance tokens with them.  You then pass the characters cards back to the respective players.  However you are no longer able to accuse them.  If they decline the dance, nothing happens.
  • Accuse
    • Choose another player and place the accusation card if front of them.  If you are correct then they will reveal their card, and are banished from the party.  However if you are wrong they will say so and you are then banished from the party, revealing your character card.
    • You are able to accuse the Mystery Guest as well, you will look at the card after the accusation and if you are correct you take the card otherwise you are banished. However they are not able to be danced or questioned.
  • Grand Reveal
    • Reveal  your guest card and announced you know who everybody else is.  Place the accusation card in front of everybody else.  They will all select the Yes/No card relating to their accusation.  You then shuffle these together, if there are any Nos’ listed you are banished.  Otherwise you win.   If there is a No, everybody passes you all there other Yes/No cards and shuffle then and pass each other player another Yes and No card.

Guest cards either provide a secret objective other than winning via the Grand Reveal, or they will provide you rule breaking powers.  As stated earlier everybody has to tell the truth.  However there are several cards such as the Trickster, where they must always say yes when questioned.    An example of the secret objective is the Zombie, they must collect two different dance tokens not including his own, if they are successful then they immediately win.

Final Thoughts


This is a great filler that is super quick, each game lasts about 15 minutes.  Deduction game allow for everybody be to involved, and this one is no different.  It supports younger children as well both in the simplicity and the inviting art direction.

I have tried playing other hidden role games with my kids this didn’t work so well. No fault of the games, but due to two of them being autistic one of them severely so.   However they caught onto this game quick, and wanted to play it over and over.  The first time we played it we played 8-9 games in a row, we finally had to call it quits and send them to bed.  This game has earned a permanent slot in my collection just due to the simplicity of it and being able to play with all my kids, this is something that is hard to do.



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