Court of Kings Preview

Designers: Nicholas Markgraf

Publisher: PawnJoker Games

On BoardGameGeek


3-6 Players

Alright lets jump Into The Cardboard: The king has died, and you are on his trusted council of advisors.  You are working to resolve the issues that are presented to you from the kings subjects while trying to find a replacement ruler.  You debate your view or opinion trying to complete a secret agenda.


The ledger I’m reviewing only has 14 scenarios, however the full game has at least 50 different scenarios.  Keep in mind this is a prototype and preview version of the game, however that being said the designer stated that the art is 95% final.  The art on this is very rustic, which fits the theme while I believe.  I enjoy how the rule book and the scenarios are all in a single book, they are viewed from the opposite ends.

  • 6 Agenda Cards
  • 1 City Track Board
  • 5 Option Boards
  • 1 Rulebook / Ledger (reversible)
  • 5 Wooden Cubes
  • 20 Advocacy Cards



The game plays with 3 players slightly different from with 4-6 players.


  1. Place the City Track  in the middle of table with the cubes on the appropriate spaces.
  2. Put the Option Board within reach of all players
  3. Shuffle the Agenda Cards, and pass one to each player face down. Return the unused cards back to the box.

Turn Sequence:

  1. Scenario
    1. Choose a scenario either randomly or by selecting one
    2. Read the title
    3. If playing 4+ reveal an Advocacy Card
    4. Read the Scenario and the question
  2. Discussion
    1. Select the option you wish to use to resolve the issue
    2. Discuss your option with other players
  3. Decision
    1. Vote on the option based upon previous discussion you would like to use to resolve the issue
    2. Which option has the most votes wins (Reader of scenario breaks ties)
    3. Move cubes on Option Board based upon results
  4. Policy
    1. Reveal your Agenda card if requirements are met, you’re the winner
    2. If no Agenda’s are revealed, move the Crown/Turn Track up one space (If it is round 5 and you’re the Duke you win)
    3. If any cube is on a “Turmoil” space everybody loses
    4. Pass Ledger to next player and next round begins

The Advocacy Cards add a different set of twists to the game.  They possibly add multipliers to the raising and lowering of the cubes.  In addition they limit or empower the reader of the scenario.  These limits are things such as ‘can’t vote’, or ‘can’t speak after reading the scenario’.  However as I stated they can be empowering, these things could be ‘voting twice’ or, ‘moving one cube up on the track of your choice by one’.   This by itself add’s a ton of variability as well as replayability.



Final Thoughts

First off I’m going to say this game is not for everybody, the designer labels it as a, social argumentation game.   The game is all about debating, if your group is okay with debating then this game is fun.  The few selected scenarios that were provided in this preview version do have some substance.

They make you seriously think about your options and how you are going to try to convince the other players to vote your way.   Remember you are trying to meet requirements for a secret objective.  You could also pretend to vote for a result that doesn’t go towards your objective to try to throw off your opponents.

I have never played a game such as this, it will be one that I will be keeping.  My normal group isn’t in to this group so much by I do have some friends which really enjoy this.

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