Pandante 2nd Edition Review


Designers: David Sirlin

Publisher: Sirlin Games

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Alright lets jump Into The Cardboard:  Pandánte is a variation of Texas Hold-em Poker.  Its a fun game about bluffing and betting.  If you enjoy poker in any fashion I highly recommend you check this game out.  Well lets check out the game.


First off I want to say that I’m reviewing the deluxe edition.  They have several version for this game, such as the travel edition as well as a standard edition.   The quality of this deluxe edition if superb.  The chips are high quality have very hefty, I love the clack they make when you set them down.

  • Betting Board
  • 150 Poker Chips
  • Deck of 79 Card
    • 6 Panda Champion Cards
    • 12 Casino Cards
    • 61 Main Deck Cards
  • 6 Reference Cards
  • 12 Challenge Tokens
  • Dealer Token
  • Golden Panda Coin
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Rule Book


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You play this game very much like Texas Hold’em Poker.  You have a hand of two cards which you keep secret, and there are 5 community cards from which you make the best hand you can.   You deal everybody there cards then you ante in which is 3 gold (1 white chip and 1 red chip).  Then ‘The Splash’ is dealt, this is the first 3 of the community cards.  You will then place your bet on the board.  However you are betting what you claim to have, however you do not want to bet too high as you are not able to downgrade your bet.  Once everybody has placed there bet you get to “Snack”.  This is where you can replace one or more of your cards with new ones from the deck.

The person who has placed the highest bet gets to snack free, everybody else can snack for 2 gold each space you are behind the highest bet.    This then repeats for the next round where we add one more card to the community pot called “The Paws”.   The final round is called “The Tails”, here you place the fifth and final card.  You will then bet again increasing your bet if you wish or staying where you are.

However instead of Snacking this round you are able to play up to two abilities from the reference cards (Light and Dark Cards) shown above.    The next step allows you to raise your bet one final time.  Now if the highest player(s) are tied you will have to provide further details about your hands, once again you are allowed to bluff.  Examples of what you can say are things such as, the highest card, and color in your “Floosh,” also you could provide the highest cards you have in your straight.

If nobody folds at this point you will then go to the Showdown!  Here everybody including those who have folded, are able to challenge the current hotseat person.  The person in the hotseat, is the person in the tie, which played earliest in the round.    There are several outcomes to the challenge, however I will not go into those at this time.
If you are able to win the round with a bluff, you get the Golden Panda Coin, which allows you to draw 5 cards and the discard 5 cards.

If you ever have less than 20 gold, you do not need to worry the Golden Fairy will refill you back up to 20- Gold just before the next ante.  However if you ever run out of gold, that is a different story.  The fairy will repay your debts and give you 20, however you need to sit out the next round of game play.



Final Thoughts

This game is a blast.   It is great, when your able to bluff your way to a win and not even have a pair in your hands.  This is a game that almost anybody and quickly pick up and play as everybody knows how to play poker.  There are several expansions and modes you are able to use which adds a lot of replayability and strategy for more advanced players.  But you can take this to your next family gathering and everybody can join in.

They have even included rules for playing with real money and a tournament, which I love.  They have thought to include official rules and ways to play this game for various ways to play.    This is a game that I will be keeping in my library for a very long time.

It will be going with me to my next family reunion where everybody there plays standard card games, this will open there eyes to new things out there.


Disclaimer:  This review copy was provided by Sirlin Games, however it was not a paid review.