The Lords of Rock Preview

The Lords of Rock


Alright lets jump Into The Cardboard: So I was giving the opportunity to play a preview copy of this game.  I had not head of this game until about 2 months ago, when I received the game the first thing I noticed was the art work.  It is gorgeous.  I have to point out that the game is still a prototype,  but the artwork is final.  There are some minor tweaks that needed to be done to the cards, these were due to mistakes at the printer.  However they have been fully resolved for the final production.

Kickstarter Link: The Lords of Rock


The game comes with the following en every box:

  • 48 God Cards:  There are 12 from 4 different Pantheons (Aztec, Egyptian, Greek, and Norse)
  • 20 Large Soul Gems
  • 50 Small Soul Gems
  • 4 Celestial Power Cards
  • 1 Themed Manual
  • 76 Set List Cards
  • 34 Venue Cards

Keep in mind the pictures included below are of my prototype, but they should give you a good idea of what is to come.  You can check out the Kickstarter project page to find out further details.


Each of the 12 God cards are broken into 2 different types.  You will have 2 “Band Leaders” from which you select one.  You will then fill out the rest of your band from the other 10 cards.  I will go into greater detail later.  You will then play at the various venues, where you will get souls of the fans (points at end of game).  One per game you play play your pantheons super power the ‘Celestial Power’.  I have to say I never tried these personally so I’m not entirely sure how they effect game play.



The first thing you do is deal out 4 venue cards, these are the places around the world and universe you will be playing to your adoring fans.  You will then chose your Band Leader.  Each member of your band is great at one skill that is used in the band:

  • Vocals
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Drums

They are also good at a different one as well.  You will look at your Leader card and from the other 10 cards that are of your pantheon you will select one from each of the other 3 skills.  This will make up the 4 members of your band.  Then everybody is dealt set list cards, these are the action cards you play during your turn.

The way the game works is you select an Anchor Band, this will be the last person to select a venue to play at.  So the first player will select a venue and place it in the center of the table.  This will show you an end round bonus for the person who wins the round along with with other details.  The most important details on this card is the size, which shows you how many of the 4 different band skills are used (Small (1) , Medium (2) , Large (3) , Extra Large (4) ).  At the bottom of the card will show you wish skills you are able to use.  You will look at your Gods, and see which ones have the allowed skills in the primary slot, if they do not have them you can look at the secondary slot and still use them if they do.  But you can only use them for the secondary skill if they do not have a primary skill that is listed.    You will then go around the table playing cards from your “Set List”.  These are either good cards which you will play face down onto your tableau, or attack cards which you will play face up on an opponent.   Once everybody has passed, ( you do not have to play all the cards from your hand) everybody flips over the face down cards.  You will then add up the bonus points from the skill list with the points awarded from each band members skills.  Then you will look at the venue card and award the number of souls listed to the players in order from 1st to 5th. Then the venue selection passes to the next player.  Play continues like this until the “Anchor Band” has selected two venues, which is the last round.   You will then add up the number of souls collected over the course of the rock tour.  The winner is the who who collected the most and will rock on through all time.


Set Cards Examples:


The card in top left allows you to add +1 per active still in the venue.

The two on the left will either add or remove one soul from the scoring of that round.

Bottom Middle will have a bonus if the venue size matches what is listed.

Venue Card Examples:

venuesThis shows you the 4 different sizes of venues.  The red coloring is the skills that are not used that round.


Selected Gods:



The star in the upper left corner of the top left corner card designates that this card is a Band Leader

Middle of playing Set Cards:

norse_play greek_play aztec_play

The cards pushed up designate that these are the members of the band with the skills necessary to score/play this round.

Face down cards are the bonus cards played on self.  The face up cards are the attack cards played against this player, with the exception of the Roadie card.

Final Score:


Norse: 18

Greek: 16

Egyptian: 14

Those eagle eye readers might have noticed a card I have not talked about.  The Roadie, what this card does, allows you to cancel one attack card against yourself.


One of the Elder Gods stretch goal band members

Kickstarter Stretch Goals:

There are quite a few stretch goals, so I will only list a couple:

  • Linen Finish
  • Card Stock Upgrade
  • Elder Gods and Venues Related (Art is already done) Scroll down for sneak peak at one of them
  • a PDF Sound board for each scoring



Final Thoughts:

I have to say I wasn’t sure how much I was going to enjoy this game.  But I have to say it’s a blast.  Growing up I always wanted to be in a band.  Sure I could play drums okay, but not well.  This gives the the feeling of playing in a band and seeing the number of fans grow.   The first thing you will notices is how beautiful the art is.  It really fits the theme.   You can look at the pictures and without looking at the names of the people you can pick them out.  Andora Cidonia did a great job with the art.    One of the pledge levels has a play mat that fits well, it looks like a stage with screaming fans surrounding it.   I can’t wait to see the final product, it will be fantastic.


Published by SolarFlare Games / Brave Frontier Studios

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