Roots of Mali


Designers: Bujar Haskaj and Adrian Bolla

Publisher: Sun Core Games

Kickstarter Link


Roots of Mali, is the sequel of the a game released last year Light of Dragons.  I have had the chance to play this a review copy of this game and I have to say I wasn’t sure how it would be.  Its a dice game where you don’t actually roll the dice, which is not natural.  However I have to say I actually quire enjoyed the game.  The board art is very simplistic, but it actually works well in this case.  However the art in the instruction book and the box is gorgeous.  It is very detailed and highly colorful.

Box Art:





Dice and Board:


rom_prototype_2200px-12                          product_rom_prototype_01


The box is covered with art on all 6 sides, which is unique but in this case it actually has a purpose.  The art on the sides equates to the different sides of the dice you play.  The dice are all the same, but there are two different colors for the two different players.

How to Play

You pick your color, either green or black, and take your matching 15 dice. You then decide who is the first player.  Then you take turns placing a single die on your side of the board, selecting the side you wish.  You stop placing dice when the total of the power levels of the dice equal exactly 10.   Then you take turns selecting one of four actions:


  • Move
  • Attack
  • Upgrade
  • Cast Spell

The sides of the dice depict different creatures that inhabit this world.  The power level depicts its place within the hierarchy of the world, with Mali (6) being at the top.


The game is fairly simple to learn, you just have your basic actions, however there is a lot of depth and strategy in this game.  Such as having to decide if you want to exile some of your dice in order to take one of your opponents.  Or if you want to make a larger move action but doing so will require you to take the dice between the spaces and put them back in your reserve.

As I stated to begin with this is a sequel to another game.  This one is completely stand alone, however it is fully compatible.  You are able to play as a faction from each set and fight against each other.  I have not tried this yet but I fully intend to do so.

My wife doesn’t play many games, with the exception of Carcassonne, and Patchwork.  However I had her play this game with me and she demanded that we play again.  She also told me that if I don’t back this on Kickstarter myself she will do so.

The game can be played in a very short period of time, the longest game I played was about 25 minutes.

Try it before you Buy it:

If you want to try it out yourself, there are a couple of options.  There is a Tabletopia version of the game to play with friends.  In addition to this there is a free (low-ink) Print and Play version to try out.

Tabletopia edition pictured below:




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