Super Pocket League Extreme Wrestling


Super P.L.E.X. Preview (BGG)

Designer : Ryan Cowler (Jurassattack)

Artist: Shaz Yong

Publisher Buttton Shy Games (Board Game Geek) (Facebook) (Website)

Kickstarter Price: $8.00 (link)


So I have been provided a copy of this game to preview for their Kickstarter.  I will start off by going into slight detail about how the game plays and then I will let you now how I feel about this game.

First off the game is on Kickstarter from Tuesday May 3rd, to Saturday May 14th.     Also keep in mind that I have a prototype copy of the game.  I would like to belive the art is final but you will want to check out the Kickstarter page for further details about this.



The game comes with the following bits:

12 Maneuver Cards

  •   4 Strike
  •   4 Technical Grapples
  •   4 Power Grapples

2 Wrestler Cards with built in Stamina (Health) tracker

2 Unique Finisher Maneuver cards

2 Ring Cards with are used to build the movement track



There will be additional characters,  this will allow you to play in a Tag Team Mode.  Also you can play as a 4 player game if you have 2 copies of the game.

A play mat which will use M.E.E.P.L.E.S (Millions of Extremely Energized Pocket Luchadores in Entertaining Skirmishes). These will be for positioning, also there will be wooden cubes for tracking Stamina.


Game Play

The game is super simple to learn to play.  You choose a card from your hand of 6.   You will play it face down, then review your card and your opponent does the same.  The winner is chosen through a Rock-Paper-Scissors system of Gold/Silver/Bronze.  This will complete the ‘Lockup‘ phase.  The winner is then on the offensive, and the loser is on the defensive.

You then repeat the process of picking cards, however the outcome is resolved differently over the next 3 rounds.  The person on Defensive is trying to match the color (Gold, Silver, Bronze) of the card the player on Offensive has chosen.  If the person on defensive doesn’t match then the attack goes through, and the combo level (shown on the card) is resolved.  However if the defensive play does match the color then the roles are reversed.    The game continues this way through 4 rounds.  After this you enter the ‘Rest Up‘ phase where you get all your cards back.  Then repeat the 4 rounds again, until one person gets K.O.’ed

There are bonuses on some of the offensive parts of the card.  These are depended upon your positioning, which can either be further away from your opponent, or if one of you are on the rings Turn Buckle.  These give you additional attacks, make you move your opponent, or possible benefits.




Everyman Jr and Diceman

Finishing Maneuvers:

The Dice Tower! and Everyday Miracle Driver!

Game Board:

Game Board/Ring


Cards 2Cards 2

Card Backs

Card Back

Game In Progress

game in progress1



I really enjoyed this game.  It is small, quick, and fun.  I was thinking this could be a fun game to play on a trip in the car, or while waiting for dinner at a restaurant.    I am looking forward to playing it with 4 people, using the tag-team variant.   I highly recommend this game if you are looking to add a small, light game to your collection.  Plus the game should be shipping within 2 months (pending any issues).


Back it now on Kickstarter

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