Comrades and Patriots

Lets start off by saying this game is different.  It is a simple card game, where you can be in last place one turn and win the next.  Don’t get me wrong it is a fun game.  I have even heard from several people that they think it could be the next Love Letter.  By this they mean simple fun filler game that takes, from my playing about 3 minutes per person.  I played a 2 player game that lasted about 4 minutes total.  This included the other player reading all the text on the cards, and there can be a lot of text.




This picture shows you both versions of the game.  There is one based upon the Soviets (Cold Era) and one for the Allies.  You can combine both of these decks for a greater challenge as well as to allow a larger player count.  The art on the cards is fantastic.


Not much else I can say about the game, I have backed, my family enjoys the game a great deal.  It doesn’t have too much longer left on the kickstarter and with your help it could be funded!



5 out of 5


Kickstarter Link: Comrades and Patriots Kickstarter

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